Scorpion Healng
And the One Who Leads You There
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A Villager Arrives in Pain

After we had been in India for more than a year we were lucky enough to photograph the process of a healing that the villagers thought was miraculous.

What Happened

One afternoon, we were talking with Kaleshwar, as he sat in a wicker swing suspended from a tammarand tree, his favorite spot for receiving visitors.  At the time, Kaleshwar had taken a vow to forgo most of his miraculous powers for a period of ten days.  We were talking about why he had done this and the spiritual process he was doing with us.

Then a group of ashram assistants brought a workman who had been bitten by a scorpion.  The poor man was in obvious pain and his foot hurt so badly that he could not walk.  Therefore, the villagers had to carry the victim.  There was a rope tied around his ankle to prevent the poison from spreading into the rest of his body.  Indian scorpion bites are extremely painful, and all too many of them are fatal.

This photo shows the pain and worry on the victim's face.  However, this was nothing compared to what he looked like when he arrived.  At this point, Kaleshwar has already calmed him with a transmission of spiritual energy. 

Ordinarily, healing scorpion bites is an easy process for Kaleshwar.  However, the vow prevented him from using his highest powers.  Instead Kaleshwar took on the man's karma, absorbed the scorpion poison into his own body, and suffered the consequences of the bite.  Notice the unusual position of Kaleshwar's hands as he draws the poison out of the wound.

He said nothing of this to the victim.  That man knew simply that he felt better and was filled with joy.  Such is the love of a great being such as Kaleshwar.

Pulling the Poison Into Leaves and Kaleshwar's Toe


Photograph 2 shows a detail of Kaleshwar placing his big toe over the scorpion bite.  Notice that some ground leaves are being placed between the scorpion bite and Kaleshwar''s big toe.  If you look closely you can see a small amount of blood from the wound on the fingers positioning the leaves.

This is a technique that we have seen Kaleshwar use with cobra bites.  Some of the poison is absorbed into the leaves as Kaleshwar draws the poison out of the wound and into his own body.  The leaves are later burnt.

Later, we asked Kaleshwar if he consciously tired to draw the poison into his toe.  Kaleshwar replied that it just happened spontaneously.  He was occupied only with trying to reach, and calm, the soul of the afflicted person.


This photograph shows the victim's love and openness  as he looks to Kaleshwar.  The transmission of spiritual energy has given him a beauty and serenity.  He looks at Kaleshwar as young child looks to his mother -- with complete trust and confidence that everything will be made right.

It is only when the victim, is relaxed and experiencing strong feelings for the healer that a healing can take place.  Therefore, the first job of a healer is to create these feelings.  This frequently takes more time than the actual healing.  Often, creating these feelings requires more spiritual energy than does the healing.


Pasted Graphic

The Poison Moves Into Kaleshwar's Toe

This photograph shows that Kaleshwar has transferred the poison scorpion bite to his big toe. You can see that a large wound has appeared. There is a hole and mark of the scorpion fang. We have seen him transfer the wounds created by cobra bites to his big toe. When you look at his big toe you can see the holes created by the cobra fangs, even though the cobra bit the victim, not Kaleshwar.

Later there would be some swelling and he would feel ill as the poison spread throughout Kaleshwar's body. We asked him if that was the only way he could help the man and he said, ""What can I do? My powers are blocked. All I could do was take the poison and suffer for him."."

How could he transfer the poison if his powers were blocked? The only powers that matter to Kaleshwar are the highest soul powers that work on the level of the cosmic energy. Ordinarily, Kaleshwar takes the poison and transfers it into the cosmic energy. At such times, the karmas are also extinguished.

For example, a few months later Kaleshwar was overseeing ashram construction when several people saw a cobra bite him. They asked Kaleshwar if he wanted to stop and deal with the bite. Kaleshwar said no. His foot swelled a little and that seemed to be the end of it.

A few hours later, we encountered Kaleshwar and asked about the bite. He said that he was about to go to his room and deal with it. He had trapped the poison in his foot and kept it from spreading. We looked at his foot and it was slightly swollen.

Kaleshwar told us that he did this because he did not want to let any form of negativity stop him when he was working. Now, he was going to meditate for a few minutes and send the poison away. We saw him about an hour later and he looked happy and completely healthy. In fact, at no point in the process of the cobra bite did he ever seem to be ill.

After the healing, a fire made of camphor was waved to Kaleshwar's big toe while he recited mantras. This is part of the process of discharging the negative energy that flowed into Kaleshwar during the healing. Such discharging techniques are essential if the healer is not to eventually be overwhelmed by the negative energies that he absorbs during healings.